What are Included in BME Endpoint Management Solution

Mobile Device – For the purpose of this guide, a mobile devices is any Android or iOS smart phone or tablet that is allowed to connect to the enterprise network through a wireless connection. Comodo IT and Security Manager allows network administrators to remotely configure devices access rights, security settings, general preferences and to monitor and manage the device. Mobile devices may be employee or company owned.

Windows Endpoints – For the purposes of this guide, a Window Endpoint is any Windows laptop, desktop or server computer that is allowed to connect to the enterprise network through a wireless or wired connection. Comodo IT and Security Manager allows administrators to install Comodo Endpoint Security, manage security setting on them, view and manage installed applications, run anti-virus scans manage OS update/security path installation and more. Windows Endpoints may be employee or company owned.

Comodo Client Security – Comodo Client Security (CCS) is the remotely managed endpoint security software installed on managed Windows devices. Each component of CCS can be configured to offer the desired security level by applying configuration profiles.

Web URL Filtering – A powerful role configuration interface that can create rules as granular as needed even on per user basis.

Comodo Firewall – Highly configurable packet filtering firewall that constantly defends inbound and outbound Internet attacks

Comodo AV – A proactive Anti-Virus engine that automatically detects an eliminates viruses, worms and other malware.

Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) – A rules based intrusion prevention system that monitors all activities of applications and processes

Virusscope (AI/Behavior Analysis) – A behavior monitoring of all processes and alerts if they take harmful actions

File Lookup Service (FLS) – A cloud based file lookup service that ascertains the reputation of files checking them against Comodo’s master white-list and blacklist.

Patch Management – The Patch Management module monitors Windows OS updates and patches for 3rd party Windows software. It identifies patches appropriate for the OS version of each managed Window device and if required, automatically installs them.

Remote Monitoring and Management – The Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) module is an efficient endpoint monitoring application that allows administrators to monitor and manage multiple endpoints from one centralized console. RMM is available as a ITSM extension to BME customers and can be accessed from the ITSM interface.

Valkyrie – Valkyrie is a cloud-based file verdict service that test unknown files with a range of static and behavioral checks in order to identify those that are malicious. CCS on manged Windows computers can automatically submit unknown files to Valkyrie for analysis. The results of these tests produce a trust verdict on the file which can be viewed from the ITSM interface.

BME - Endpoint Plans

BME Advanced Endpoint – Basic

Full Access to IT Management

ITSM & Comodo Client

Valkyrie Basic

BME Advanced Endpoint – Premium

All BME AEP – Platinum

Full Valkyrie Portal Premium

24x7x365 Support

BME Advanced Endpoint – Platinum

All BME AEP – Platinum

Valkyrie Product & Intel APIs

100% Verdict & STAP coverage